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Welcome to Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School

COMCS Math & Computer Coding Program Introduction

NW Campus (10951 Hidden Valley Dr. NW): Saturdays 9am-1pm, September 8, 2018 - June 8, 2019

SW Campus (12424 Elbow Dr. SW): Sundays 1pm-5pm: September 9, 2018 - June 9, 2019

SE Campus (9 Legacy Landing SE): Mondays to Sundays: 5pm - 9pm, 7 Days per Week, 12 Months per Year

The latest news:

Grade 12 student Richard Kang wins the Champion in 2017-2018 Alberta High School Math Contest

COMCS wins the Calgary Junior High Team Math Attack,  Champion from 24 teams

  • 2017, the 1st place Leibniz team with three champions Michael Chan (g9), Riley Li (g9) and Andy Liu (g7) from Calgary Olympic Math School


Congratulations to COMCS Leibniz team members (Left to right: Riley, Michael, and Andy)

School Overview

We offer math & computer coding programs to help students of all levels. We make every effort to help students to realize their dreams of going to top-notch universities of their choice and /or to win top awards in intermediate to advanced level of math competitions. It is our goal to help students to build a solid math foundation, which is beneficial to their whole life.
  • All programs cover math curriculum in public education, and enhancement component is included in each course. Our programs focus on the dynamics to fully engage all students in learning, while guiding individuals to find the best path of problem solving.
  • Besides classes, 1-on-1 Tutorial is available.
  • We offer lessons specifically for preparing math contests (from popular Kangaroo, Gauss Contests to Intermediate Math and Open Math Challenges), from time to time.
  • Accept relevant requests and everyone is welcome to contact us.

Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School is also an unique student-centre for various national or international contests on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, science, and computer, etc. We provide various training courses to help students to success for their future.

Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School provides various scholarships including full amount scholarship, principal scholarship, etc, to support students. We welcome your kids to study math and participate in various math contests at COMCS.

Math & Computer Coding Courses


To select and apply courses at COMS for the full year term of September 2015 to June 2016, please finish and submit the student application form , or apply on line at Admission

Open Courses

Grades 1-6 math & computer coding classes
     Grades1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Elementary Math: Smart Math, Jump Math, Olympic Math
Computer programming class  (Scratch, Python, C++, Java, Golang, Website)

Grades 7-9 math & computer coding classes

Grades 7 & 8 Math: Gauss contest math class
        Grade 9 Math: Pascal-Fryer contest math class
        Math enhencement: Math10&20 class
Computer programming class  (Python, C++, Java, Golang, Website)

Grades 10-12 math & computer coding classes
        Covering: CSMC, COMC, CMO
Grade 10 Math: Cayley Galois math class
        Grade 11 Math: Fermat Hypatia math class

    Computer programming class  (Python, C++, Java, Golang, Website)

COMCS Tutoring Center
     Olympic Math (1-12), Math10/20/30/31, AP Math, IB Math, Calculus, Linear Algebra
Physics20/30, Chemistry20/30, Science20/30, Computer Programming (Scratch, Python, C++, Java, Golang, Website) & Network

Registration for Math, Computer, Physics, Chemistry Contests


Competitions Date Registration Deadline Seats at COMCS
Calgary Elementary School Math Contest (G4/5/6) 24-April 15-March order
GAUSS (G7/8)  15-May 22-April order
PASCAL (G9), Caley (G10), Fermat (G11) 26-Feb 9-Feb order
FRYER (G9),  Galois(10), Hypatia(11) 10-April 15-March order
Calgary Junior High School Math Contest (<G9) 2-May 15-March order
COMC (Canadian Open Math Challenge)       (G9-G12) 8-Nov 8-Oct order
CSMC (Canadian Senior Math Competition)    (G10-G12) 21-Nov 25-Oct order
CIMC (Canada Intermediate Math Competition)
21-Nov 25-Oct order
AHSMC (Alberta High School Math Competition)
20-Nov 25-Oct order
Canadian Computing Competition (G9-G12) 20-Feb 11-Feb order
CAP High School Physics Contest (G10-G12) 9-April 15-March order
Canadian Chemistry Contest & Olympiad (G10-G12) 15-April 15-March order

To order seats for contests, click the order button to email us before the deadlines.


School Location


SW Campus

Robert Warren School(Google Map)

12424 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary AB T2W 1H2


NW Campus 

Valley Creek School (Google Map)


10951 Hidden Valley Dr. NW, Calgary, AB T3A 6J2


Summer School & Tutoring Campus         

(NW) University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

(Google Map)
9 Legacy Landing SE, Calgary, AB T2X2E5

Contact Us

Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School

9 Legacy Landing SE

Calgary, AB T2X2E5


Phone: 403-397-8289